Engine Crane (6)

Shop press (22)

Hydraulic pump (2)

Shop press

Engine Crane

Hydraulic pump

100 TON Press with pneumatic drive NORDBERG N36100A

AED 17,875.00 incl.VAT

20 TON Shop Press NORDBERG N3620

AED 2,760.00 incl.VAT

20 TON AIR Hydraulic Shop Press N3620AL NORDBERG

AED 1,735.00 incl.VAT

50 TON Press electro-hydraulic NORDBERG N3650E

AED 14,635.00 incl.VAT

30 TON Press with foot-operated drive NORDBERG N3630F

AED 3,750.00 incl.VAT

100 TON Press electro-hydraulic NORDBERG N36100E

AED 24,345.00 incl.VAT

Hydraulic equipment NORDBERG

Hydraulic equipment is used in garage workshops, tire service stations, service stations, dealerships and auto repair shops providing services to car owners.

Types of equipment:

  1. Shop press. Multifunctional equipment used as additional equipment at service stations and car services. Allow you to perform pressing, straightening of parts, as well as other types of work in trucks and cars.
  2. Engine crane. Equipment used for lifting heavy objects to a given height.
  3. Hydraulic pump.

We offer hydraulic equipment, selected according to the parameters and tasks of your workshop. If you need help in choosing, please contact our managers. We will quickly find everything you need. With Nordberg hydraulic equipment your customers will be satisfied with the speed of work and quality of your service.

With NORDBERG equipment, your customers will be satisfied with the speed and quality of your auto service.