Engine support (6)

Battery Charger with Starter (5)

Brake system (7)

Inspection Lamps (2)

A/C Service Station (25)

3D Wheel alignment (4)

Curing Lamps (4)

Sandblasting equipment (12)

Drill press (3)

Enclosed Parts Washer (3)

Support equipment (2)

Ultrasonic cleaners (8)

3D Wheel alignment

Battery Charger with Starter

Drill press

Sandblasting equipment

Ultrasonic cleaners

A/C Service Station

Engine support

Brake system

Enclosed Parts Washer

Curing Lamps

Inspection Lamps

Support equipment

R134a refrigerant Frogen UK Brand 13.6 Kg Disposable Cylinders

AED 350.00 incl.VAT

1 ton Spring compressor NORDBERG N31SC

AED 720.00 incl.VAT

Valve Core Kit + universal service key NORDBERG NFA6K

AED 60.00 incl.VAT

Charge Hose for Freon 1.8 m (3 pcs. in set) NORDBERG NFH18

AED 95.00 incl.VAT

Rotating Stand for sandblasting cabinet NS3, NS4, NS9 NORDBERG RT1

AED 225.00 incl.VAT

Floor Ladders (Trestle) load 2.5 ton (set 2 pcs.) NORDBERG N30R2.6

AED 330.00 incl.VAT

Garage equipment NORDBERG

Garage equipment is used in service stations and car service stations, workshops for quick servicing of vehicles.

Select according to the tasks at hand:

  • Professional equipment is required for car service stations, service stations and specialized workshops. It provides the performance of special and typical actions in a short time.
  • Garage equipment is the solution for small jobs.
  • Specialized tools are necessary for the workshop, where there are certain requirements.
  • All garage equipment is characterized by improved protection against dirt and water, gasoline, oil, paintwork. The resource of the device is designed for regular and significant loads.

Types of garage equipment

Garage equipment is represented by a wide variety of installations in several categories:

  1. Brake system are designed for mounting friction linings of brake pads, clutch disks of cars.
  2. Engine support is a necessary stage of work in car service stations, service stations and workshops, where work is often carried out with large non-disassembled units and assemblies.
  3. Inspection lamps are designed to illuminate the working area in the garage or workshop.
  4. Sandblasting cabinets are designed for processing parts by sandblasting, providing maximum cleaning.
  5. Battery Charger & Starters are intended for use in car repair shops and service stations, and are used for emergency starting of a car in the cold or in case of battery discharge.
  6. Drill press are necessary for the full operation of car repair shops and workshops. They are used for metalworking, obtaining blind and through holes, countersinking, reaming, threading. 
  7. Curing Lamps are the most advantageous and convenient way to dry individual parts after painting. The result of the equipment is comparable to the use of a convection drying chamber. The use of lamps ensures the convenience of coloring individual parts.
  8. A/C Service Station.
  9. 3D Wheel alignment is necessary after the completion of work associated with the restoration of the chassis of the vehicle.
  10. Enclosed Parts Washer.

We offer equipment that is tailored to the parameters and tasks of your workshop. If you need help in choosing, please contact our managers. We will quickly find the equipment you need. With NORDBERG equipment your customers will be satisfied with the speed and quality of your workshop.