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Auto body collision repair systems

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Hydraulic Body Repair

Auto body repair tools

FORCE 904M2 4pc Body and fender dent puller set

AED 112.00 incl.VAT

FORCE 905M4 Air suction dent puller

AED 430.00 incl.VAT

FORCE 62601 Twist & shrinking hammer

AED 78.00 incl.VAT

FORCE 62603 Light & shrinking hammer

AED 80.00 incl.VAT

FORCE 62604 Standard bumping hammer

AED 62.00 incl.VAT

FORCE 68353 Drip molding spoon

AED 70.00 incl.VAT

Auto body repair NORDBERG

Auto body repair are used in car service centers and workshops for body repair and restoration. With their help, deformations of the car body are eliminated, individual parts are straightened if necessary: by straightening suspension, struts and other metal parts.

The category of Auto body repair includes:

  1. Hydraulic Body Repair - is a must for any car repair shop. They are designed for work with body elements. Stretch bars consist of a combination of a pump and a hydraulic cylinder, which provide the formation of tensile and compressive forces necessary for straightening of body surfaces or individual components, leveling of openings, elimination of body distortions and other problems.
  2. Auto body collision repair systems they are installed in workshops and specialized car services, where they are needed to perform body repairs, restore the original geometry of the car and correct components. In the classic version, the stand includes a platform or frame structure, stands on which the car is fixed, a lifting mechanism and a set of power devices.
  3. Welding machine. Welding machines are used to quickly and reliably join metal components, depending on the technology used, to form a welded point or a solid seam. This provides a wide use of equipment in various spheres, in particular, in the automotive industry and car repair shops. Most often used inverter automatons, as they are equipped with electronic control, simplifying the ignition and maintenance of the arc burning. Additional functions used in welding equipment allow to improve the quality of work, but this increases the cost of the equipment.
  4. Auto body repair tools.

The kits include extensions that are suitable for straightening all brands of cars to fix all kinds of mechanical damage to the bodies - bumps, dents, distortions. With the combination of extensions and fixtures, the best result is achieved. The catalog presents tools that provide opportunities for straightening without painting.

Possibilities of Auto body repair

In an auto body shop, it is mandatory to use professional bodywork equipment for effective work in order to provide customers with optimal service. With the help of various devices, the master affects the damaged areas, giving them their original shape and returning full functionality. The advantage of professional equipment is the possibility of simultaneous action on several points with high precision and high force to achieve excellent results in a short time.

With the help of Auto body repairit is possible to:

  • Correct asymmetry and misalignment of frames;
  • Correct the geometry of the car and restore control points if they are damaged;
  • Perform cosmetic repairs to remove dents, chips, scratches.

We offer Auto body repair, selected according to the parameters and tasks of your workshop. If you need help in choosing, please contact our managers. We will quickly find the equipment you need. With NORDBERG equipment your customers will be satisfied with the speed and quality of your workshop.