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Oil Drainers

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Quick connector for Grease Gun 4-bladed NORDBERG NO9004

AED 10.00 incl.VAT

Quick connector for Grease Gun NORDBERG NO9005

AED 10.00 incl.VAT

Coupler 90 degree NORDBERG NO9009

AED 15.00 incl.VAT

High Pressure Flexible Nylon Hose NORDBERG NO9318

AED 10.00 incl.VAT

Press-on 90 Degree Extension NORDBERG NO9010

AED 25.00 incl.VAT

Standard oil suction gun NORDBERG NO1100

AED 52.00 incl.VAT


Refueling and lubrication equipment by NORDBERG The refueling and lubrication equipment presented in the catalog is used in car fleets, auto repair shops, and service centers. It enables quick and precise replacement of automotive fluids, ensuring maximum efficiency in servicing transmissions, engines, air conditioning systems, brake systems, and other components.

Installations for automatic transmission fluid replacement are used to pump out the old fluid from the transmission. These devices are designed for use in service centers and auto repair shops because manually replacing transmission fluid is very challenging. The replacement of transmission fluid requires thorough evacuation of fluid from all parts of the system before refilling it with clean fluid.

Brake fluid replacement installations are pneumatic devices necessary for refilling the brake system with new fluid and subsequent bleeding. This helps normalize pressure to ensure the system operates effectively and reliably. Special adapters are used for most models to connect to the brake disc fittings.

Oil dispensing installations are used for the precise and rapid dispensing of lubricants and oils. Various models of oil dispensing systems are available in this category. Pneumatic installations are suitable for viscous compositions and provide high productivity.

Oil drain installations help remove old oil from the engine more quickly. The process is clean and precise, and compressed air allows for the removal of even residual lubricants within the system. The drained used oil is collected in a container.

Grease gun for heavy-duty lubricants are specially designed for working with thick compositions.

Oil suction gun enable mechanics to work efficiently with oils.

You can purchase refueling and lubrication equipment on the NORDBERG online store. We offer refueling and lubrication equipment selected based on the parameters and needs of your auto service center. If you need assistance with your selection, please contact our managers. We will quickly help you find the necessary equipment. With NORDBERG equipment, your customers will be satisfied with the speed and quality of your auto service.

Brake fluid exchanger 6l NORDBERG BC5

Original price was: AED 1,575.00.Current price is: AED 1,135.00. incl.VAT

Brake fluid exchanger 5l NORDBERG BC6

AED 2,095.00 incl.VAT

Brake fluid exchanger 18l NORDBERG BC7

AED 3,035.00 incl.VAT

Exchanger automatic transmission fluid exchanger oil filling & outing tool for gasoline car & diesel vehicle AUTOOL ATF705

AED 3,680.00 incl.VAT

Pulsating Brake Fluid Exchanger AUTOOL AST618

AED 2,365.00 incl.VAT