Wheel balancer (11)

Tyre inflators (11)

Tyre changer (18)

Tyre air bead seater (3)

Nitrogen generators for tyre (1)

Tyre vulcanizer (3)

Tyre spreader (4)

Tyre and wheel cart (1)

Tyre changer

Wheel balancer

Tyre spreader

Tyre vulcanizer

Tyre inflators

Tyre air bead seater

Tyre and wheel cart

AED 1,480 incl.VAT

Nitrogen generators for tyre

AED 2,290 incl.VAT
AED 670 incl.VAT
AED 17,010 incl.VAT
AED 334 incl.VAT
AED 50 incl.VAT
AED 25,720 incl.VAT
AED 25,720 incl.VAT

Tyre service equipment NORDBERG

Nordberg tire service equipment is modern high-class equipment that perfectly combines high quality and medium price category, which allows owners of this equipment to be sure that it will not let them down in the midst of the tire season and provides them with a quick payback.

Nordberg tire changers have been on the market for more than 25 years, every second car repair shop is equipped with this reliable and professional equipment.

The line of tire changer equipment for the auto repair shop is represented by all necessary categories and includes:

  1. Tire changer - in the range of semi-automatic and automatic tire changers on 220 and 380 volts, as well as tire changer for trucks.
  2. Wheel balancer - in this section you will find balancing machines for balancing cars, trucks and balancing machines that support the function of balancing motorcycle wheels.
  3. Vulcanizer - in this section you will find benchtop and floor standing vulcanizers for automotive tube and tire repair.
  4. Tyre bead breaker is a special device that facilitates access to damaged areas of tires for further restoration and vulcanization. The devices are used in tire repair shops, service stations and car repair shops.
  5. Tyre air bead seater are used for explosive inflation of tubeless tires of trucks and cars.
  6. Tyre spreader are used in car repair shops, tire service stations, service stations, dealerships and garage workshops engaged in car tire repair. It allows you to increase the space between the bead and the wheel to facilitate access to damaged areas for further repair of the tire. 
  7. Tyre inflators - in our assortment there is a gun with a simple mechanical pressure gauge and professional guns with digital high-precision pressure gauge.
  8. Nitrogen generators for tyre.
  9. Tyre and wheel cart.

If you need help in choosing, please contact our managers. We will quickly select the necessary equipment for you. With NORDBERG equipment your customers will be satisfied with the speed and quality of your tire service.