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AED 13,170 incl.VAT
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AED 26,500 incl.VAT
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AED 9,570 incl.VAT

They are used in garage workshops, tire fitting stations, service stations, dealer stations and car services that provide services to car owners.

Scissor lifts can be used to perform several operations:

Tire chenger.
Change of oil.
Diagnostics and restoration of components of the brake and steering systems, suspension units and other parts of the car.

Lifts of this type differ from all others in structure and principle of use. The base of the device is a scissor mechanism. The drive based on hydraulics provides a smooth and synchronous lifting of the platform, on which the pickups or ladders are placed to secure the vehicle. For administration, a separate remote control is provided, so you do not need to be near the equipment when lifting the car.

Scissor lifts are designed simply and reliably, therefore they have a set of significant advantages:

Compact dimensions and significant savings in floor space – the lift requires a minimum of space, and the possibility of installing the device in the floor provides additional savings.

Safety and durability during operation.
Lack of strict requirements for the coating used to install the lift.
Reliability and ease of maintenance.

Selection Guide

When choosing a suitable scissor lift model, it is recommended to pay attention to the specifications. There are several most significant parameters. They determine the possibilities for the operation of lifts:

lifting height.
load capacity.
Platform type – with swivel legs or ladders.
Platform dimensions (length).
All these parameters must be considered when choosing a suitable lift for a car service, service station, tire replacement garage or workshop.

Buying a scissor lift

You can buy a scissor lift on the Nordberg online store website. We offer scissor lifts, selected according to the parameters and tasks of your car service. If you need help choosing, please contact our managers. We will quickly select the necessary equipment for you. With a Nordberg scissor lift, your customers will be satisfied with the speed of work and the quality of your service.