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2-Post-lifts (19)

4-Post-lifts (4)

Bottle jacks (12)

Floor Jacks (15)

Jack stands (9)

Jacking beam (4)

Lifting tables (7)

Motorcycle lift (3)

Rollers (6)

Scissor-lifts (10)

Transmission jack (7)

Wheel lift (1)

2 Post lifts

AED 9,370 incl.VAT
AED 8,610 incl.VAT
AED 8,610 incl.VAT
AED 8,295 incl.VAT
AED 12,250 incl.VAT
AED 7,540 incl.VAT

4 Post lifts

Scissor lifts

Bottle jacks

Floor jacks

Motorcycle lift

Transmission jack

Lifting tables


Jacking beam

Jack stands

Wheel lift

Lift Collection NORDBERG

Short hydraulic storage cart 2,5 t, reinforced, with PU wheels NORDBERG N3901S-25

AED 1,110 incl.VAT

Hydraulic storage cart 2,5 t, with PU wheels NORDBERG N3902-25

AED 935 incl.VAT

Hydraulic storage cart 3 t, with rubber wheels NORDBERG N3902-30R

AED 990 incl.VAT

Hydraulic storage cart 2,5 t, reinforced, with PU wheels NORDBERG N3901-25

AED 1,055 incl.VAT

Scissor lift 4.5 ton for wheel alignment, 2 levels (with emergency lowering) 380V NORDBERG N635-4,5B

AED 26,500 incl.VAT

Scissor lift 4.5 ton for wheel alignment, 2 levels (with emergency lowering) 380V NORDBERG N635-4,5G

AED 26,500 incl.VAT

Lifting equipment NORDBERG

Nordberg Lifting Equipment Lifting equipment is a more efficient solution compared to inspection pits, as it is easier to install, movable, and provides opportunities for expansion or reconfiguration. Heavy-duty lifting equipment is essential for automotive repair shops, service centers, and tire shops to raise vehicles for diagnostics and repairs.

Types of Lifting Equipment There are several types of lifts with different designs:

  1. Post Lifts: These lifts have 1, 2, or 4 posts that serve as support. Single-post lifts are suitable for bodywork and wheel alignment within small service centers and workshops. Two-post lifts are commonly used in automotive service centers. Four-post lifts are ideal for diagnosing and repairing large vehicles like buses and trucks.
  2. Scissor Lifts with Hydraulic Drive: These lifts have a moving support structure similar in design to scissors. The support structure simultaneously serves as a movable component. The equipment is equipped with means for securing the vehicle's axles for lifting. Scissor lifts are known for their compactness and power, allowing them to be installed with working surfaces at floor level in the workshop.
  3. Plunger Lifts: These lifts have support structures with platforms for vehicle fixation, which then rise. Such lifts provide access to vehicles from any angle or side. They are installed in specially prepared recesses in the floor, requiring careful site selection.

Scissor and plunger lifts are considered the most reliable as they are not only safe but also offer a smooth lifting and lowering operation. They do not require frequent maintenance.

Drive Mechanisms Lifts are equipped with automatic, mechanical, or combined drive mechanisms. Electric-hydraulic lifts are commonly used due to their ease of maintenance and suitability for vehicle diagnostics and repair. They lack interconnected rotating elements, ensuring the system's reliability.

Lifting equipment varies not only in drive type and configuration but also in load-bearing capacity. There are lifts designed for both commercial and passenger vehicles, differing in price and size. Large automotive service centers typically require both types of equipment.

Nordberg offers a variety of lifts with different drive mechanisms, power capacities, and prices on their online store.

You can purchase lifting equipment on the Nordberg online store. We provide lifting equipment tailored to the specifications and requirements of your automotive service. If you need assistance in your selection, don't hesitate to contact our managers. We will quickly find the right equipment for you.

With NORDBERG equipment, your customers will be satisfied with the speed and quality of your auto service.

AED 1,110 incl.VAT
AED 935 incl.VAT
AED 990 incl.VAT
AED 1,055 incl.VAT
AED 26,500 incl.VAT
AED 26,500 incl.VAT
AED 32,800 incl.VAT
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