Screw air compressors (7)

Piston air compressors (14)

Air compressor filters (10)

Quick Coupling, Airline Fittings (12)

Air Lines & Hoses (15)

Oil-free compressors (5)

Piston air compressors

Oil-free compressors

Screw air compressors

Air compressor filters

Air Lines & Hoses

Quick Coupling, Airline Fittings

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AED 11 incl.VAT
AED 11 incl.VAT
AED 11 incl.VAT
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Air compressors NORDBERG

Air compressors is used at service stations and car service stations, workshops for quick servicing of vehicles.

  1. Piston air compressors are necessary for car repair shops and workshops, garage workshops, tire repair stations, service stations, dealerships providing repair services for car owners. They are used to connect to pneumatic tools, paint guns and other installations. If high performance of the equipment is required, they should definitely be used.
  2. Screw air compressors are used extensively in workshops to pressurise air at high pressure.
  3. Oil-free compressors provide compressed air of maximum purity. They are used when the output flow has to meet certain requirements, in car repair shops this is usually the case in the paint shop. It is important that there are no oil or condensate particles in the air. There is no contact between lubricant and compressed air in the compressor. An auxiliary cleaning system ensures a high quality of the outgoing flow.
  4. Air Lines & Hoses.
  5. Air compressor filters.
  6. Quick Coupling, Airline Fittings.

We offer equipment that is tailored to the parameters and tasks of your workshop. If you need help in choosing, please contact our managers. We will quickly find the equipment you need. With NORDBERG equipment your customers will be satisfied with the speed and quality of your workshop.