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Inspection Lamps LED 3.6V NORDBERG 1901

Original price was: AED 95.00.Current price is: AED 63.00. incl.VAT

3.2 ton Floor jack super low with foot pedal NORDBERG N32032

AED 480.00 incl.VAT

Air Hose Reel,15M Autoloaded PVC diam. 8*12mm NORDBERG HR0815HPVC

AED 270.00 incl.VAT

Jack stand 3 ton (2pc.) NORDBERG N3003

AED 105.00 incl.VAT

4 ton Floor jack NORDBERG N32035

AED 625.00 incl.VAT

1 ton Engine Crane NORDBERG N3710

AED 875.00 incl.VAT

Oil Drain, 15L NORDBERG NOD15

AED 35.00 incl.VAT

Motorcycle lift 450 kg NORDBERG N4M1

AED 1,650.00 incl.VAT

Jack stand 2 ton (2 pc.) NORDBERG N3002

AED 95.00 incl.VAT

Abrasive Aluminium oxide powder for Blasting (Sand) NORDBERG NS90BFA

AED 155.00 incl.VAT

Plastic Trolley NORDBERG T3

AED 370.00 incl.VAT

lnfrared Curing Lamp NORDBERG IF13 220V

AED 2,515.00 incl.VAT

NOURTH MOUNTAIN TRADING L.L.C - S.P is the seller and centers of automotive equipment NORDBERG in the United Arab Emirates and in the Middle East.

Established in 1998, NORDBERG has emerged as a distinguished brand in the realm of car service garage equipment. With a rich history spanning over two decades, NORDBERG has continually set benchmarks for quality, reliability, and innovation in the automotive maintenance sector. From tire changers to wheel balancers, lift systems to diagnostic tools, each NORDBERG product is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

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