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3.2 ton Floor jack super low with foot pedal NORDBERG N32032

AED 480.00 incl.VAT

Jack stand 3 ton (2pc.) NORDBERG N3003

AED 105.00 incl.VAT

4 ton Floor jack NORDBERG N32035

AED 625.00 incl.VAT

Oil Drain, 15L NORDBERG NOD15

AED 35.00 incl.VAT

Motorcycle lift 450 kg NORDBERG N4M1

AED 1,650.00 incl.VAT

Jack stand 2 ton (2 pc.) NORDBERG N3002

AED 95.00 incl.VAT

AC Service station Automatic 10l NORDBERG NF14

AED 6,225.00 incl.VAT

Pneumatic oil extractor NORDBERG 2379G

AED 1,085.00 incl.VAT

Jack stand 6 ton (2 pc.) NORDBERG N3006

AED 230.00 incl.VAT

Adaptor for transmission jack NORDBERG N34S_1

AED 320.00 incl.VAT

3 ton Floor jack with quick lift NORDBERG N3203

AED 395.00 incl.VAT

Jack stand 3 ton NORDBERG N3003E (2 PC.)

AED 105.00 incl.VAT