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Smoke leak detector NORDBERG SDT115

AED 520.00 incl.VAT

ATC optical refractometer with backlight NORDBERG DR702

AED 90.00 incl.VAT

ATC optical refractometer NORDBERG DR701

AED 80.00 incl.VAT

Cable Home Use Auto Electric Car EV Charging Pile Station AUTOOL S310

AED 1,340.00 incl.VAT

High precision automatic/manual Digital Multimeter 6000 words AUTOOL DM400

AED 130.00 incl.VAT

Digital Multimeter with 4000 Displays AUTOOL DM MINI

AED 75.00 incl.VAT

Smoke leak detector AUTOOL SDT203

AED 890.00 incl.VAT

Smoke leak detector AUTOOL SDT205

AED 925.00 incl.VAT

Battery System Tester AUTOOL BT860

AED 605.00 incl.VAT

Battery System Tester 6-32V AUTOOL BT760

AED 510.00 incl.VAT

Car Battery Tester 12V AUTOOL BT360

AED 175.00 incl.VAT

Automotive circuit tester AUTOOL BT160

AED 70.00 incl.VAT