Сar lift floor requirements 2post

  1. Lift Location: Use architects plan when available to locate lift.
  2. Add 150mm min. to overall height to lowest obstruction.
  3. Drill (10) 20mm or 18mm dia. holes in concrete floor using holes in column base plate as a guide.
    CAUTION: DO NOT install on asphalt or other similar unstable surfaces. Columns are supported only by anchors in floor.
    IMPORTANT: Using the horse shoe shims provided, shim each column base until each column is vertical. If one column has to be elevated to match the plane of the other column, full size base shim plates should be used. Recheck columns for vertical position. Tighten anchor bolts to an installation torque of 110 Nm. Shim thickness MUST NOT exceed 13mm. If anchors do not tighten to 110 Nm installation torque, replace concrete under each column base according to attachment and flush with the top of existing floor. Let concrete cure before installing lifts and anchors.

  4. Use only concrete grade 300 or higher

  5. When pouring concrete, use spud vibrator.

  6. Basement for lift must be in level to each other.

  7. The center of each concrete cube must be marked.

  8. Reinforcement step is 200mm vertical and horizontal

This information is presented for design recommendations for a new concrete slab in the event that the pre‐existing floor does not meet minimum requirements of the applicable lift type. Please read all instructions below carefully before producing new slab.


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